Wednesday, February 4, 2009

FAQ: What is the Sensitive Female Chord Progression?

Q: What is the Sensitive Female Chord Progression?

A: It's any chord progression that starts with the minor six (vi) and then moves to the major four (IV), the major one (I) and the major five (V). Ideally, it would then repeat. As an example, a SFCP in A minor would be Am-F-C-G.


  1. that is totally wrong.. this chord progression is impossible in a minor.. there is not minor 6 chord in A minor, its a major chord...

    you mean SFCP in C major would be Am-F-C-G

    1. In certain strains of theory (such as Kodaly La-based minor and the Nashville Number system), the minor home is considered to be 6m (or La). This is a "relative" way of thinking about keys, as opposed to the "parallel" way taught in many college classrooms. So Marc is not "totally wrong" on this.

  2. Personally, I like a progression very similar to this.
    But first, I'd like to rewrite your current progression in minor instead of major because you start with minor.
    i - VI - III - VII - i
    So i - VI - III - vii(dim) - i
    or Am - F - C - G#dim - Am

  3. Ive been trying to find a list of widely used chord progressions with the list of songs using it and here I finally found one. Where can I find another? Been searching for years. In trying to find songs that use the same chord progressions as Rihanna -Rehab.